Florida Crackers: The Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida

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Florida Crackers: The Cattlemen And Cowboys of Florida

Release Date: 2010
Rating: 10 Stars

Year    :   2010
By    :   Rob James, John Michie, Susan James, Jamie Jacobs, Uli Deguert, and Music by Barry Weinberg
Genre    :   Documentary|Family|History|Western
Time    :   88min

Rating:   IMDb  / 10


This really gives you a great understanding of the history and life of the Florida Cracker. I never knew "cowboys" existed anywhere outside of the "Old West" until seeing this documentary. This picturesque view of the life of Florida Cattlemen is facinating, and keeps you entertained from beginning to end. If you love horses, you love history and learning about people then this is definitely for you!



2011 FT Lauderdale INTL Film Festival

Official Selection

2011 Miami INTL Film Festival

Official Selection

Down to earth and beautiful scenery. Refreshing to here the stories told by honest, hard working people! The film causes me to learn more about the Cracker Cowboys of Florida!

This movie so enlightened me, regarding how cattle are raised in Florida. What an amazing history . I was actually brought to tears more than once, from hearing various heartfelt sentiments about the lifestyle, and the relentless development in this state, that not only threatens all of Florida's environment - but the whole cowboy way of life. The immense devotion, and tradition is present in all who are shown in the film, and the scenery is simply magnificent - along with all the rich wildlife !

    This movie not only tells a fascinating story, it also brings up the need to return to human values like honesty, respect, and integrity!

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